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When it comes to your health, you need a provider who can manage all of your needs from wellness exams to unexpected illnesses to care for chronic health conditions. At Copper Valley Integrative Medicine & Aesthetics in Tucson, Arizona, experienced nurse practitioner Laura Moncada, FNP-C, takes a holistic and integrative approach to care and offers primary care services focused on helping you achieve optimal health and wellness. Call the office or click the online booking button to schedule an appointment today.

Primary Care Q & A

Why has Copper Valley Integrative Medicine & Aesthetics switched to  a Personalized Integrative Medicine Membership Based Program?

Laura Moncada FNP-C has always practiced medicine in a more holistic way, treating each patient individually as a whole and not by the textbook, one size fits all approach. She is very thorough in her appointments and would like to continue her approach to health care as Copper Valley Integrative Medicine & Aesthetics transitions to a value-based model. Mrs. Moncada has been thrilled to continue this improved physician-patient relationship and this transition will allow this relationship to continue and allow even more time and in-depth office visits.

What can I expect at your facility?

Mrs. Moncada is a family nurse practitioner who spent years training so she can manage all of your health and wellness needs, from prevention to diagnosis to the development of a personalized treatment that helps you achieve your wellness goals.

Mrs. Moncada is a compassionate and empathetic practitioner who values the connections she makes with her patients. These qualities allow her to develop a more trusting patient-provider relationship that leads to better overall care. She believes this is the true definition of a patient-provider relationship.

You can expect a comprehensive, non-rushed examination when you come to the office for care. During your evaluations, Mrs. Moncada reviews a thorough health and family history, your health concerns, medication, and supplement use. Listening to your health concerns Mrs. Moncada utilizes both traditional and integrative approaches which may require diagnostic testing to further evaluate your health and screen for common health conditions. For your convenience, we have an in-office lab, same day/next day appointments for unexpected illness or minor injuries, and 24/7 access to Mrs. Moncada via her personal cell phone.

What is Personalized Integrative Medicine?

This unique model of healthcare is exemplary to the traditional model of practicing medicine. This model allows access to those patients who seek more quality face-to face time and hands on care with the provider to do so in a non-rushed setting. It also allows for the patient to have direct communication via direct access to the provider by giving the patient her personal cell phone number for after hour emergencies that cannot wait until the next business day.

Personalized Integrative Medicine consists of paying a membership fee (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) This membership is paid in addition to insurance premiums and does not cover the cost of hospitalizations, specialists, lab work, or imaging.

Why should I choose Personalized Integrative Medicine and what are the benefits?

The patient has the convenience of a telephonic visit with the provider or a HIPAA compliant virtual face to face. This allows for convenience if the patient is at work, stuck at home, or just would like the convenience of a virtual and not have to come in the facility.

Patient Centered Care 
If you have ever felt like your medical needs and concerns were not addressed or taken seriously, personalized concierge medicine is a perfect fit. By combining traditional/conventional medicine and integrative/functional medicine with alternative therapies, you are empowered to come up with a plan with the provider concerning your care. Your history (including family history), goals, lifestyle and concerns will all be addressed and considered when tailoring a personalized plan of care for you. We personalize medicine and want to make sure you are comfortable with the options and have a say in your healthcare.

Direct access to your physician - Same day next day appointments
Direct access to the provider, including direct access to reach the provider by her personal cell phone. By signing on to personalized integrative medicine, you will have access to same day/next day appointments, as well as highly personalized and comprehensive care.

Appointment Times
Appointment time are allotted from 30 minutes to an hour or more (depending on patient needs), thus allowing the provider more time, energy and focus on each patient. The provider can deliver a much higher quality of care than she might otherwise be able to from the traditional model of healthcare. Flexible scheduling and unfettered access (both on the phone and in our clinic) to the provider, with an intimate knowledge of her patient’s personal health, will provide the much-needed support and quality care deserved. 

Patient Population
In comparison to other primary care clinics and doctors offices, we differ in numerous ways. The provider having a reduced patient population, allows her to extend allocated office visit times. This will also allow you to be seen same day/next day and allows for non-rushed appointments. Most primary care offices only allow a short-allotted time to be seen where the physician is in and out of the visit in a short period of time.

Minor Urgent Care
With the services that our facility offers, it will significantly reduce the need for urgent care visits as well as hospital visits.

In House Labs
We can draw certain labs at our facility and save you the inconvenience of scheduling an appointment at a draw site (Dependent upon labs requested/ordered).