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Regenerative Medicine Q & A

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Soft tissue damage through disease and injury has catapulted the development of specialized therapies that can regenerate these tissues and decrease the reliance on limited steroidal treatments, which helps with some discomfort, but is more degenerative to the soft tissues over time. Regenerative medicine, overall, is an interdisciplinary field that applies engineering and life science principles to promote this regeneration with the hope of restoring the diseased or injured tissues.

This is done by using a flowable liquid allograft that contains many growth factors, cytokines, protein and other natural occurring nutrients that enables and maximize the potential of local endogenous cells. This therapy will promote cellular repair and regeneration. It has anti-inflammatory qualities that have been shown to reduce pain and swelling at the site of the injury: while naturally occurring hyaluronic acid provides a cushion and lubricating effects. This in turn can decrease the reliance on addictive opiate prescription medications.

This treatment helps in many different clinical applications including but not limited to osteoarthritis, tendonitis, ligament injuries, and reducing inflammatory processes.